01536 416997


Company number 7942770

K2Recovery Ltd.

10A Telford House

Telford Way



NN16 8UN

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From our new premises in Kettering, we provide vehicle recovery and workshop services for the midlands and beyond. Our fully trained, professional staff have the experience and equipment to ensure your vehicles are rescued, repaired, serviced, maintained and delivered, on time, on budget and with minimum fuss.

We take an enormous pride in our work and value our reputation for professional standards in everything we do.

We'll be there for you when you need rescue, repair or maintenance.

We deliver common sense, good service and a sense of humour, all at a sensible price. Why is that so hard to find these days?


The purpose behind our business is to help our staff show the love they have for the work they do, so we can please you at an affordable price and outstanding quality.

Ultimately, we like our staff to do their jobs well and our customers to be happy. What could be more simple?

Our friendly team are happy to help, and welcome whatever challenge is thrown at them- a huge contribution to the smooth-running of our business.

Recovery - fleet services - planned maintenance - specialist transport - workshop