01536 416997


Company number 7942770

K2Recovery Ltd.

10A Telford House

Telford Way



NN16 8UN

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     Our professional staff have over 200 years experience in the recovery sector, providing support to the light side and commercial vehicle sectors within the Kettering and surrounding districts. With sound professional management expertise and funding, the business blends hands-on expertise with a common-sense management approach. This reduces cost to our customers and improves the service.

New company, old values - we focus on you, the customer and do our best to deliver. Why K2? Whilst not (quite) the highest mountain in the world, K2 is arguably the hardest to summit. We relish a challenge and appreciate that one rarely gets something without effort in this life.

K2Recovery operates a 24x7 service with automatic call cascade to our ‘out-of-hours’ service during the night.

From motorbike to articulated combination, we have the equipment and expertise to recover your vehicle.

Recovery - fleet services - planned maintenance - specialist transport - workshop